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What readers are saying:

“Your writing clarifies the thoughts I have in my head that I can’t quite articulate”

“I love the conversational style and how all the ideas logically flow together”

“After reading your posts, I feel compelled to rexamine what I previously believed”

Who am I:

I’m a current student at Swarthmore studying CS and political science, and I help lead the entrepreneurship club there. I’ve worked across growth, product, and ops at several startups. I’m also the author of the book 50 Successful Swarthmore Application Essays.

I love reading crime thrillers, lifting heavy objects, and singing with my guitar.

What to expect:

Each newsletter I send comes with an article I’ve written on a topic ranging from mental models to social psychology to startups.

I start with a question that I want to be answered or an idea I want to flesh out, then research everything I can find about it. Then, I distill my findings into an actionable framework for you to learn from and use. No BS. Just clarity.

What you’ll get:

  1. Updates on my articles tackling various interesting topics.

  2. Links to insightful reads around the Internet.

  3. New ways to optimize your work and performance.

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Studying: CS/Sociology @Swarthmore Working: @BestFit_App (Techstars '20)