🔥 Seeking Clarity No.8

Landing Pages, Storytelling, and Prestige 8.21.21

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✅ What’s Inside:

  1. Monthly Essay - Landing Page Design: How marketers rewrite product landing pages to increase conversions.

  2. What I’ve Been Reading - Storyworthy

  3. Twitter Find of The Month - The true issue of a prestige-driven life

📝 Landing Page Redesign

The conversion rate on a product landing page can make or break the profitability of a business. High conversion rates lead to lower customer acquisition costs and improved unit economics, while low conversion rates mean you likely won’t be in business for much longer.

Part of a growth marketer’s job is improving these landing pages to optimize for conversions. Whether it’s rewriting copy, changing up the size of buttons, or inserting eye-catching photos, they’ll do anything to get you to sign up.

Recently, I was hired to help optimize the landing page of a career prep product. I’ll be covering what I did and the rationale behind each of the changes I made.

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📚 What I’ve Been Reading

  • Storyworthy - Book on how to become a better storyteller written by a Moth champion

🐦 Twitter Find of The Month

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